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The Indicator System of Chinese University Ranking 2003
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1. SCI: Science Citation Index

Selecting over 3,300 kinds of core periodicals, ISI (Institute for scientific Information) is embodied in SCI for working out index. SCI covers more than 100 subjects and fields such as agriculture, biological & environmental science, engineering & applied science, medical & life sciences, physics & chemistry, and behavioral science. All data is increasing at the speed of 600,000 new record and over 9 million citations every year.

2. EI: Engineering Index

Edited and published by America Engineering Information Center, IEI is the integrated searching tool in the filed of engineering technology, and contains every branch subject of engineering in the world, such as the engineering of civil, energy sources, environment, geography and biology, electrical engineering, electron and control, chemical engineering, mining, metal and fuel, mechanical engineering, automation, nuclear energy and aviation, computer science, artificial intelligence and industry robot.

3. ISTP: Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings

ISTP is one of the most important databases published by ISI corporate. It is a professional organization that collects important meeting literatures from general meetings, symposia, seminar, conference and issuing meeting in the field of natural science & technology. In total it contains more than 1,100 kinds of meetings, and the subjects involved are the same as the ones in SCI.

4. SSCI: Social Science Citation Index

It covers over 1,400 kinds of most important social scientific periodical theses and involved 50 kinds of scientific fields such as social science & behavior science, anthropology, archeology, business, finance, economy, education, geography, history, library science & informatics, law, language, political science, marketing, statistics, and urban development, etc. It adds more than 125,000 records every year. Except for searching the conditions cited by essay, it is able to provide all of literature in original text and acquire more related literatures.

5. A&HCL: Arts & Humanities Citation Index

It contains over 1,100 kinds of periodicals in 25 subjects, and includes contents of other 7,000 kinds of periodicals related with art & literal human ores in ISI various databases. The contents involves various art fields including vision, music, performance, literature, techniques, history, and religion, etc; and in the field of literal human ores, including archeology, architecture, art, Asian study, classic, dancing, film, history, human culture, language, literature, music, philosophy, poetry, broadcasting, religion, television and drama, etc. It adds 100,000 new records every year.

6. Statistics of Chinese Technology Thesis and Quotation Database

It is a database with specific function developed based on the previous year's statistics of technology thesis by Chinese Technology Information Research Institute. Integrated literature retrieval with thesis analysis, the database is both the main basis for brainpower to search for related reference literature, and the important tool for technology management department, research institute and academy to learn various published technology thesis in all branch, company and country. The main functions are: looking for the important technology thesis published in China; learning past-year statistics analysis and ranking result of technology thesis; learning the detailed condition of issued thesis in all region, branch, company, author, subject and fund support; developing citation analysis of technology thesis. Span of time: thesis database from 1986 to 1998: citation database from 1994 to 1998; record scope: more than 1,200 core technology periodicals in China; record: over 1,056,700 theses and 945,000 citations.

7. Social Science Quotation Database of China

It covers more than 496 kinds of social core periodicals and involved in such subjects as Marxism-Leninism, philosophy, psychology, statistics, sociology, management, nationality study, political science, international relationship, law, economics, public communication, education, library management, information science, physical education, linguistics, literature, art, history, archeology, geography and environmental study, etc. The starting time of database is 1998.


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