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The Indicator System of Chinese University Ranking 2003
Calculation principles and methods
Suggestions on using the ranking

It is now the fifth year that we publish “Netbig Chinese University Rankings”. Few changes are made with the overall evaluation framework as well as the weighting schemes. Our goal has as always been to provide the students and their parents with education information that are most relevant to their needs. With this in mind, Netbig conducts this ranking with extensive research.

The indicator “academic reputation” that we used in the past four years is now extended to describing general reputation, so that our assessment in this category reflects the general societal impact of a target university rather than merely its academic impact.

We have also made changes in the calculation of the “academic resources” indicator. This indicator has incorporated quantitative information related to humanities and social sciences in the past four years. This year, for every piece of information, instead of the aggregate number for an entire school, we have used the per thousand students number. This modification mitigates the impact of pure scale so that the indicator can reflect academic quality and, in particular, operational efficient more accurately.

We do not change the calculation methods of other indicators.

All our improvements throughout the many years demonstrate our general philosophy towards ranking. Our principle is to be as objective, fair and scientific as possible. Based on the best available data, we gradually improve our assessment scheme so that it would be most reasonable and scientific. Our perspective is the consumers’ perspective, what they care and what they want. Our objective is to reflect the educational efficiency of the target universities.

Netbig Chinese University Rankings has become accepted widely by general society both in China and abroad in the last five years. We are tremendously encouraged by this acceptance. Yet, we feel there are still few assessments on Chinese universities, even fewer that have publicly disseminated. Netbig Chinese University Rankings, together with the other few rankings, provides relatively scarce information of the Chinese universities to the consumers. We welcome more institutions or commercial organizations to join us and develop Chinese universities rankings from other perspectives. The combined efforts would offer more information to the public, universities themselves and government about the Chinese sector of higher education. We hasten to add on one important caveat of our rankings: it reflects the target universities only to the extent of the information of the most recent year and to the extent that can be captured by our limited set of indicators.

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